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Junior Sotaya
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Senior Sotaya
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Teacher's Sotaya


An internet community for:

  • Youth (high school age)
  • Young Adults (18-35 years)
  • Church School teachers

Junior SOTAYA               Senior SOTAYA               Teacher SOTAYA

 Putting church people together from the East to the West Coast with the blessing of our bishops!

-Who is this for? Those who love the church and are active in it.

 - Who can join? Anyone who is a member of a SOTAYA chapter.
Can anyone join a SOTAYA chapter?  All Orthodox Christians are welcome to join in their respective age groups.

- How does one become a member of a SOTAYA chapter?
Call or email SOTAYA administrators:

 1. Teacher SOTAYA - Fr. Bratso or (619) 316-2362
 2. Senior SOTAYA - Fr. Chris or (717) 939-0251
 3. Junior SOTAYA - Fr. Dragan or and/or or 317-374-3414

 -Why is this important?  Sharing experiences, learning one from another, supporting one another, becoming a greater and closer community.

Form chapters in your parishes as soon as possible - you will love the fellowship – it will be very helpful!

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