Oratorical Festival 2014

The National Committee For Youth Ministry
of The Serbian Orthodox Church of North & South America

November, 2013

Your Graces, Dear Brothers-in-Christ:

“Christ is in our midst!”   On behalf of the entire Youth Ministry Committee, I humbly ask for your cooperation for this coming year’s Oratorical Festival!

As mandated by our Central Church Council back in 2003, our Committee is again prepared to initiate the 2014 St. Nikolai of Zhica Oratorical Festival, with our Theme being, “The Greater The Struggle, the More Glorious The Triumph!“, but we need your help.

It is our hope that you will carefully look over the high-school aged youth in your parish and see if any of them would enjoy the challenge of learning more about their Holy Orthodox Faith; and take on the responsibility of working with them, using the enclosed Participants’ Guide, to submit their paper to be judged in the upcoming National Festival (in August at the Sabor in California).  A Diocesan winner will be produced at each respective Diocesan Annual Assembly with the winners from each going to the National Finals.

The deadline for submission of papers for our Eastern Diocese participants is January 3, 2014.  Please have the participants submit papers to becky.kesic@verizon.net

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (frstevor@aol.com) if you have any questions regarding the Participants’ Guide.

Thank you so much for your help - the lessons learned by our youth in their participation in this wonderful endeavor are truly indescribable! 

May our Lord bless you and yours this coming Christmas Lenten Season!

Your servants in our Lord,

Very Rev. Stevan G. Rocknage, Chairperson
Members:  Fr. Dragan Petrovich, Fr. Russell Radoichich, Fr. Dragomir Tuba, Mary Perisic,

Brian Hayden, Joyce Yovetich, Chris Radanovic, Becky Kesic, Ashley Lackovich-VanGorp.

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