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Heiromonk Damascene. Father Seraphim Rose: His Life and Works. St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, Platina, California, 2003, 1142 pages.

St.Herman of Alaska Monastery in Platina, California is the largest men's monastic community in the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Western Hemisphere.

Hieromonk Damascene, a member of the St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood has written a monolithic text on the life and work of Father Seraphim Rose.

This book traces the religious journey of Father Seraphim Rose. Father Seraphim was born and raised outside the Holy Orthodox Church. He grew to love the Holy Orthodox Church and to be a founder of the monastic community known as St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood.

Father Seraphim came to be a writer and publisher of Orthodox literature known not only in America but far reaches of the globe.

This book speaks about the simplicity of life style at Platina, the hardships of founding the monastic community and the very serious commitment to learning and living the Orthodox Christian life.

The size of the book reflects the extensive interest Father Damascene has in the life of Father Seraphim. The content of the book is structured in short readable chapters. The love of Christ, the richness of the Orthodox Church comes alive in the pages.

This book is proof that seekers for the truth, seekers desiring to fill the hunger of the soul, will come to Orthodox Christian communities seriously devoted to, proclaiming and following Christ.

Readers of this book will be exposed to information not only about St. Herman of Alaska Monastery, but of other Orthodox monasteries in America.

A perspective is established on certain relationships existing among these communities.

Father Seraphim's involvement in the Russia Orthodox Church Abroad is detailed in this book. Individuals interested in St. John Maximovitch will find ample references.

Well-functioning Orthodox monasteries have much to offer. The St. Herman of Alaska Monastery is not only a place to go to learn about Orthodox Christianity but is also a prolific publisher of Orthodox literature.

The importance of publishing nourishing Orthodox literature receives considerable treatment in this volume. The serious side of Orthodoxy is apparent in Father Damascene's writing.

The joy of Orthodoxy also is apparent. The peace, contentment, and fulfillment Father Seraphim experienced as he lived out his life as an Orthodox Christian is revealed.

Orthodox believers make a very worthy investment when they take time to read this writing by Father Damascene.

Father Rodney Torbic

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