News and Events - December 2016

NEWS AND EVENTS - Sunday, December 18, 2016


Indianapolis, IN - Our Deacon Marko Bojovic was ordained a priest by our dear and never tiring but always full of love, joy and strength Bishop Longin,  on the eve of Saint Nicholas 2016.
Due to the announcement of severe winter weather/storm, the divine liturgy started around 11 AM and the church was packed. Quite a few priests and deacons present.  A little  later even more people came and every part of the church building was occupied – the atmosphere was definitely filled with the Holy Spirit.

Following divine liturgy, the banquet and fellowship were royal and awesome.  

Our Kumovi/godparents, the Milivojac Familly, their family and friends made sure the Feast was the best it could be.  The words exclaimed by our bishop at the liturgy and at the banquet, as well as the words of several priests and also the newly ordained priest Marko,  were simply an expression of love for God and each other.

Truly an amazing and most awesome and great day for our church community. Glory to God for all things and thanks be to all the good people.

We were especially pleased that two Deacon's Triva and Dragan, and the wife of Deacon Triva were present - it was a joy to host them. Priest Marko Bojovic will be serving the Serbian church in Jackson California together with the upper mentioned two Deacon's.

Priest Marko came as a student to  our parish, from which he later departed and attended seminary; came back to our parish where he met his wife, was married and ordained to diaconate, thus serving for the past seven years. He's in every way part of this spiritual family and will continue to be so. We will miss them greatly but through prayer and divine services will always be together.

Submitted by the Parish Office of Saint Nicholas church – Indianapolis, Indiana

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