News and Events - December 2007
NEWS AND EVENTS - Friday, December 7, 2007


Los Angeles, CA -
The Western Diocese was host to the annual meeting of Central Church Council for America and Canada, which is held this year on Friday and Saturday, December 7-8. A meal was prepared after the Vespers service on Thursday evening.

On Friday, December 7 the Holy Hierarchical Divine Liturgy was served in Los Angeles, served by Metropolitan Christopher and Bishops Mitrophan of Eastern America and Maxim of Western America. The day was dedicated to the liturgical commemoration of the 1,600 anniversary of the repose of St. John Chrysostom, the “Golden-mouth” and was the central celebration of this Saint and his jubilee on the territory of the Serbian Orthodox Church in America and Canada. The homily, in honor of St. John Chrysostom, was delivered by Bishop Maxim.

The meeting of the Executive board of the Central Council for America and Canada followed. Beginning at 11am the meeting was attended by Metropolitan Christopher, Bishops Mitrophan and Maxim, together with the vice presidents of their diocesan administrative boards. Issues regarding the life of the Church, as well as questions regarding the clergy health insurance, were considered and discussed.


FRIDAY – December, 7 2007

1. Opening of meeting with prayer
2. Roll Call - Review of Agenda
3. Minutes of last Central Council Meeting and Relevant correspondence
4. Tresasurer's
5. Report of Trustees of Pension Plan
6. Hospitalization Questions
a) Report for 2007
b) Presentation by Brian Gerich re: Joining the Greek Archidiocesean Plan
a) Report on Path of Orthodoxy/proposed budget 2008
b) School of Theology Report and Budget
c) Theological Foundation Report Proposed Budget 2008
d) Questions on the Zhivadinovich Trust
8. STANDING COMITTEES REPORTS – proposed Budget for 2008
a) Stewardship Committee
b) Youth Ministries Committee
c) Liturgical Music Committee
d) Cultural Heritage Committee
e) Publications – Proposals and Budgets Estimates (Constitution Publication) New bi-lingual Excerpts-Certif. for entire Church (from Metrical Books)
f) Other
Appointment of Standing Committee – PROPOSALS

SATURDAY – December, 8 2007.

9. Review of Central Council Budget of 2007 and proposal for 2008
10. Miscellaneous
11. Adjournment

Source: Western Diocese

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