News and Events - November 2016

NEWS AND EVENTS - Tuesday, November 29, 2016



Our Serbian people love prayerful gatherings, at Slavas. During our difficult and painful history it was oftentimes our slavas that were the thread which brought the souls of our ancestors together with God. And we love especially the gatherings when our churches celebrate their Heavenly intercesors.

This year, as in the previous seventy ones, the pious faithful of metro Vancouver assembled prayerfully together in their church. This year's celebration was on side more solemn since it was the first time our newly elected Bishop Mitrophan of Canada visited us.

On Friday, November 18, 2016 Vespers was served in our church just as it was on Saturday, November 19. Following the service we proceeded to the church hall where, in the presence of His Grace Bishop Mitrophan of Canada and clergy: V. Rev. Stavrophor Miroslav Dejanov, V. Rev. Stavrophor Drago Knezevic and myself, Protonamesnik Marko Radmanovic, together with Fr. Timoleona Pratasa from the local Greek Church, choir members and the faithful, solemnly cut the Slava Koalch. This year's kumovi were Rakita, Srpko and Vida with their family. V. Rev. Malisa Milovanovic, the parish priest, was the first to greet all the guests beginning with Bishop Mitrophan, the kumovi, members of the church school congregation and all parishioners, who make every effort to help their church. Bishop Mitrophan addressed who expressed his gratitude to God and to St. Archangel Michael for his help and protection which he sends to us.

Afterward dinner was served, the food was blessed and towards the end of the dinner the evening's program began. After a greeting from our church school congregation president Ljubomir Kotur, our church school children and folklore group performed, followed by the Russian singing group Ne Zhdali, then the folklore group and in the end our "Obilic" choir sang beautifully.

On Sunday evening the festal Vespers was served with the five loaves while on Monday, on the feast day of St. Archangel Michael, the Holy Hierarchical Divine Liturg was served, the crown of all of our prayerful gaterings. Bishop Mitrophan officiated at the Divine Liturgy with the concelebration of V. Rev. Stavrophor Miroslav Dejanov, V. Rev. Malisa Milovanovic and Protonamesnik Marko Radmanovic. The bishop addressed the faitful in his homily, speaking once more of the heavenly archangelic powers. At the end of the Divine Liturgy, the Slava Kolach was blessed followed by the Litiya. The church was filled even though it was a work day.

Following the Divine Liturgy, the gathering continued witht the Slava meal after which we bid farewell to His Grace at the airport. Vojislav Nikolic accepted to be kum for the next Slava. We thank the Lord for such a magnificent celebration of our heavenly protector before the Lord, St. Archangel Michael.

V. Rev. Malisa Milovanovic

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