News and Events - November 2015

NEWS AND EVENTS - Monday, November 9, 2015


The Serbian Orthodox Church welcomes the decision of UNESCO which rejected the proposal to received the so-called Kosova into its organization. The entire time Serbia and the Serbian Orthodox Church sought for the delaying of this debate in order to avoid unnecessary political confrontation, but since Serbia's request was denied voting took place which showed that there was no readiness in UNESCO to make hasty political decisions which endanger the safety of the Cultural heritage and the dialogue that Belgrade is already leading with Pristina.

It is obvious that the issue of the spiritual and cultural heritage can not be solved through politicization, particularly in a situation where, after the war in Kosovo and Metohija, so many Christian Orthodox shrines and cemeteries were destroyed. Confidence has to be built through deeds, not words, and certainly not negating the very difficult situation in which our faithful people and our holy sites have been living for many years after the war in Kosovo and Metohija.

Thus, on this occasion the Serbian Orthodox Church calls for dialogue and confidence-building as the only way to solve all problems and thanks all those countries that have given their support to the path of dialogue and understanding.

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