News and Events - October 2018

NEWS AND EVENTS - Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Bowlers from all over the nation as well as Canada, came to Indianapolis to enjoy the sport, but most of all the fellowship of each other.  They were welcomed by the community of St. Nicholas Church of Indianapolis, known for their Christian and obviously Serbian hospitality.  The whole weekend was spent immersed in great Joy, Love, Simplicity - decompressing and rehabilitating oneself from the every day worldly cares we live in nowadays. Not to mention the delicious Serbian (and in this case Greek and American) foods, and obviously lively music.

Every team player was mentioned and prayed for at the Divine Liturgy, and following the banquet on Sunday, everyone went home refreshed, looking forward to next year.

Please know and pray - on the day of the tournament, the father of John, the SNF President passed on to the Lord - may his memory be eternal and may God establish his soul where the saints repose  – please remember in prayer the servants of God +George.

May God grant his family strength to endure this temporary separation.

Priest Dragan Petrovic

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