News and Events - October 2018

NEWS AND EVENTS - Wednesday, October 17, 2018




Glory to God and good people,  the celebration was heavenly.


Two bishops, clergy, monastics and around 400 people gathered to celebrate being debt-free from a million dollar mortgage, as well as 20 years of service to Saint Nicholas Church by Priest Dragan Petrovic and his family. 

Very special guests were two of the most beloved students of our parish: Priests Marko Bojovic and Milutin Janjic. 


The Divine Liturgy was as usual, but usually Divine liturgy is nothing less than entering into the kingdom of heaven. Bishop Longin together with Bishop Neofitos of Africa led the faithful in prayer while the choir and the seminarians from Saint Sava seminary responded for all the faithful. The deacons and alter servers, as well as the clergy, with their assistance allowed the bishops to calmly pray.  During the divine liturgy the faithful of St. Nicholas church was awarded the highest recognition, Public bearing of the cross - to be worn by their Priest: Protojerej Stavrofor Dragan Petrovic. 


Because of so many people present, the church was expanded into the hall by using video and audio technology. 


Almost at exactly 12:30 PM the bishops entered into a very large and elegantly set up tent, where nearly 400 people stood up to greet them, and following prayer and blessing, the Indianapolis children’s choir (70 of them) opened up the event by singing American and Serbian national anthems, as well as the Trice Holy Hymn, and the old Serbian song Tamo Daleko. 


Dinner Music, most delicious food and a short program followed. The parish was presented with an official recognition Gramata by bishop Longin, and the priest was given a very unique and special citizens recognition award by the governor of Indiana, nominated by one of the senators Victoria Spartz. For their 20th anniversary of service to the parish, the faithful of St. Nicholas Church offered a special gift to the priest and his wife- trip to the holy land  - a dream come true for them. They also received many other gifts and congratulations from those present and those unable to be there. 


The day ended with prayer and thanks to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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