News and Events - September 2011
NEWS AND EVENTS - Friday, September 30, 2011


Atlanta, GA - On Sunday Sept 25, 2011 Kolo sisters from Atlanta celebrated their Krsna Slava. Following the Divine Liturgy together with many of the Kolo sisters and faithful parishioners fr. Miladin blessed the Slavski kolac and zito and welcomed on behalf of Kolo Sisters  very special guests.

This years Atlanta Serbs had among themselves Millie Radovic who is the president of Kolo Savez and Millie Vignovic from Pittsburgh Pa. Honoured Kuma for this year was Pera Surla, and continuing the tradition next year’s  kuma is Jelka Stanjevic who is a long standing member of the Kolo.

As per our tradition this great day turned into a wonderful banquet where all the parishioners were greeted by Mrs. Jovanka Loncaric Kolo president, our Kuma Pera surla and last but certainly not the least Ms. Mili Radovic our guest who has warmed our hearts with her care and left us awaiting eagerly her next visit.
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