News and Events - September 2015

NEWS AND EVENTS - September 12, 2015


San Francisco, CA - The Serbian Patriach, His Holiness Irinej during his visit to the dioceses of the America and Canada, visited on September 9, 2015 the city of San Francisco.

In his homily at St. John's Cathedral the patriarch expressed his great joy at meeting our people in the God's house for in this way, as he stated, we as a people follow in the path of the holy rightoues ones, which is eternal. "Even though many of you left the homeland and your spiritual roots long ago, you built the same in your new homeland. Hold to that which is most important, your faith and traditions," the patriarch stated.

Accompanying the patriarch was Professor Bogoljub Sijakovic from the Theological Faculty in Belgrade. During his encounter with the hosts and our people in San Francsico he noted that they bear with them the ethos of sacrifice and ascetism which marks the history of the Serbian people and thus they are our healthiest seeds, but this is not only recognition but a responsibility. "Do not turn from your responsibility for us, we suffer many misfortunes and surely we can have much support in you, thus in the most important matters we must be of one spirit," said Professor Sijakovic.


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