News and Events - August 2017

NEWS AND EVENTS - Thursday, August 31, 2017


The celebration started with a bounty of fresh flowers adorning the church prepared by Luba Karnaookh. Saturday Vespers and Blessing of the Five Loaves was lead by Bishop Maxim, our resident clergy and two guest deacons: Deacon Vladan Radovanovich and Deacon Branislav Kedzich, professor of Theological school from Belgrade, Serbia. We were also blessed with the presence of Sister Irina a nun from monastery Gracanica in Kosovo, who made this day even more festive.

Our Church Slava celebration began with the children of our parish welcoming Bishop Maxim and presenting him with flowers outside the church. This was immediately followed by the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, which included the tonsuring of Luke/Ethan Livingston to Reader. It was a pleasure to see so many of you receive Holy Communion. We continued with a procession around the church and memorial services for the founders and supporters of our church. Proto Dane invited all in attendance to join us for the blessing and cutting of the Slava Kolac in our church hall. Kumovi for this year's Slava were Lindsey and Jeffery Gray, a couple who's grandparents were founders of our church. The youth prepared a beautiful program for all our guests, we are blessed to have such good and talented children in our church. A wonderful complimentary lunch followed, that was provided by our Kumovi. The wonderful women from our parish treated us with homemade sweets.

After lunch there was a short presentation about life in Kosovo, by Sister Irina. Bishop Maxim introduced Books about Kosovo Heritage in Serbian and English and many people purchased books and/or donated financial help for Kosovo.

On this day, four of our parishioners were recognized by Bishop with Gramata, for their long work and devotions in our parish. Gramata recipients were: Anna Bradarich, Biserka Delich, George Mironenko, Nada Kosanovich. We thank God for their willingness to serve for these many years, and also pray that God grant them many more years of health and all good things.

Our Kum Jeffery Gray gave a beautiful speech on how to love and care for our church and each other.

It was truly a wonderful and blessed Feast Day enjoyed by all who attended.

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