News and Events - July 2017


NEWS AND EVENTS - Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Alhambra, CA - What has become known as the “Threefold Commemoration” – the annual observance of Vidovdan, Saint Steven's Endowment Recognition Day, and the Women's Auxiliary Slava on the last Sunday in June – has in recent years added other worthy causes to the itinerary, such as Balkan flood relief in 2014, the Special Olympics in 2015, and rebuilding of the historic Saint Sava Cathedral in New York City in 2016. This year was no exception, with the Cathedral community focusing on the spreading of the Gospel through the new missions being established in the youngest diocese, the Diocese of Buenos Aires and South America.

On Sunday, June 25, 2017, following Resurrectional Matins and Divine Liturgy Fr. Nick led the blessing of the Kolach for the Women's Auxiliary Slava (Saint Anastasia of Serbia) with Auxilary President Kathleen Lubanko and women of the auxiliary.

Following the blessing of the festal bread, the Cathedral Choir under the direction of Rebekah Danks sang a moving song honoring Tsar Lazar and the new martyrs of Kosovo and Metohije.

A delicious banquet followed and was complemented by a warm welcome from parish Executive Board President Steve Spilker, the presentation of an icon of Saint Anastasia to this year's Kuma Natalie McKenna, the recognition and honor given by Treasurer Steve Burge to the newest Cathedral endowments established in the last year, and Fr. Nick's informative and detailed account of the progress of the new diocese in Central and South America and the vibrant ministry now taking place in that region. Fr. Nick concluded his remarks by summarizing the purpose of this effort: "Our mission is not simply to build ecclesiastical organizations, whether parishes or a diocese. These will be built and strengthened if we are successful in our real mission: to preach the Gospel of Christ in all its fullness. Our work is to bear witness to our hope in the resurrection and our faith in Jesus Christ, and to demonstrate that faith and hope in the loving embrace of all who seek Him. This is our purpose, to embrace our brothers and sisters in our young Diocese in South America, and we thank you for joining us in this noble cause."

We express our congratulations and gratitude to our Women's Auxiliary whose generosity extended to underwriting the entire cost of the banquet, so that all proceeds will benefit the new diocese in South America. We thank everyone whose participation, thoughtfulness and generosity made this day another joyful and historic one at the "Cathedral of the Pacific!"

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