News and Events - June 2012
NEWS AND EVENTS - Friday, June 22, 2012


Richfield, OH – A Divine Liturgy was celebrated along with a parastos in memory of His Grace Bishop Dr. Sava (Vukovic) of Sumadija of blessed repose on Saturday 16 June 2012 at Monastery Marcha.  His Grace Bishop Dr. Mitrophan of the Eastern American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church was present at the Divine Liturgy and served the Parastos.  The Divine Liturgy and Paratos were served by Archimandrite Leontije (Alavanja), Rev. Frs. Mijoljub Matic and Aleksa Pavichevich, Protodeacon Milan Medakovic and Deacon Ljubisa Mitrovic.

His Grace Bishop Dr. Sava of Sumadija was the second bishop to occupy the Episcopal Throne of the Eastern American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church. He succeed His Grace Bishop Stefan (Lastavica) of blessed repose.  He served the Diocese of Eastern America from 1 June 1967 to 13 September 1977. Among his many accomplishments His Grace Bishop Dr. Sava founded Monastery Marcha. Monastery Marcha served as the diocesan administrative headquarters in the early years of Bishop Sava’s service to the Eastern American Diocese.

After the Divine Liturgy and Parastos a lenten meal was served by Igumanija Ana and the sisterhood of Monastery Marcha.

May the memory of Bishop Dr. Sava be eternal.

Submitted: Protodeacon Fr. Milan Medakovic

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