News and Events - June 2015

NEWS AND EVENTS - Thursday, June 4, 2015


Indianapolis, IN - We were asked to host the choir Festival, and because we love and appreciate choirs, we gladly accepted. Words truly cannot describe the experience at this event. The weather, for the most part, was lousy but the atmosphere was gloaming. Choirs obviously are not professional, but sounded better than any choir out there. The greatest miracle was in fact that so many people came from so many different places in the Midwest and farther – A miracle of the 21st-century where even siblings living under one roof don't visit as often, even though they are one room next to the other.

The event started with an Akathist service to Saint Nicholas on Friday evening, continued with concerts\meals\Services\fellowship, and concluded with Divine liturgy on the Great feast day of Pentecost. May God bless, keep, protect and grant all good things to all our choir members. Amen.

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