New and Events - May 2010
NEWS AND EVENTS - Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Issaquah, WA - On May 16, 2010 the Parish of St. Sava celebrated its Church Slava, The Translation of the Relics of St. Sava.  The Parish was blessed to have His Grace, the Rt. Rev. Bishop Maxim present to celebrate Divine Liturgy along with parish priest Protopresbyter Ilija Balach, Protopresbyter Marko Kosev – retired Bulgarian priest and Protopresbyter Serafim Gascoigne of the Pokrov Church in Seattle.  Fr. Nikola Todorovic from St. Steven Church in Portland was also present but could not serve because of a foot operation.  Assisting in the Altar were Readers Darko Hrle – this year’s church kum, Aleksandar Eppler and Peter Eckels, and servers Cyprion and Johan Gasgoine, and Danijel Vujic.

The Church was at capacity with St. Sava parishioners, and those from St. Steven and Pokrov Churches as they worshipped together in brotherly love and harmony.  Before the dismissal Bishop Maxim blessed the Slava kolach and zito.  Following the dismissal there was a procession around the Church singing the troparia of the day.  The procession ended on the new property at which time Bishop Maxim blessed the land to the joy of all present.  This historic moment facilitates the future construction of a new temple to the glory of God.

Lunch was served under the tent followed by dance performances from St. Steven and St. Sava churches.  The young children of St. Sava sang beautiful songs and recited some touching poems to the delight of all.  Reader Aleksandar Eppler and his students played a few songs on their string instruments.  The program was concluded by greetings from Fr. Nikola Todorovic, Fr. Seraphim Gasgoine, and Fr. Alexei Kotor of St. Nicholas Church in Seattle.  Reader Darko Hrle, as kum, thanked His Grace for being present to make this day very momentous as well as thanking everyone for coming, but especially thanking all the hard workers who made this slava celebration and the new property blessing possible.  Finally, he and his wife Michelle presented a portion of Slava Kolach to the new kum for this coming year, Srdjan Jakovljevic along with his wife Silvija, daughter Milica and son Mihailo.  Fr. Joseph Copeland and his family of Holy Cross Church in Yakima arrived later to join in the celebration.  The Three Sesira Band continued entertaining everyone with songs and kolos.  Before Bishop Maxim departed to visit the Pokrov Church in Seattle, he had an opportunity to play with the children on the playground. 
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