News and Events - May 2014

NEWS AND EVENTS - Sunday, May 18, 2014



The appeal of the Holy Assembly of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church to all priesthood, monks and faithful people, as well as to all the people of good will.

Deeply concerned and grief-stricken, but also filled with unshakable faith in love and grace of God, we address all priesthood, monks and faithful people of our Holy Church, as well as all the people of good will, on the occasion of the disastrous floods and terrible suffering of numerous families in Serbia, Republic of Srpska and the whole region. And we call upon everyone, and above all upon our clergy, to show both Christian and human solidarity with all the victims and the affected, to actively and committedly participate in the defense of settlements and vitally important objects from the destructive element, and to provide shelter, aid in food, clothing and medicines, finances and any other support for their neighbours.

In particular, we urge priests and monks to multiply their prayers, to perform daily prayers of supplication during the forthcoming days of heavy rains and to be front row with those who testify Christ’s love by helping the rescue of the suffering brothers and sisters. As a good example we would like to point out relentless rescue of the people performed by the state leadership and civil services (army, police, gendarmerie and others), as well as by all our citizens who participate voluntarily in this God-pleasing and noble action, often exposing their lives to danger.

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