News and Events - May 2016

NEWS AND EVENTS - Monday, May 2, 2016


New Gracanica, IL - One of the best gatherings we have had, took place at the end of the fifth week of Great Lent, with the blessing of his Grace Bishop Longin. It all started with a pre-sanctified liturgy on Friday morning and a clergy brotherhood meeting, lecture and discussion.

At 4PM the vigil was served, during which the clergy took confession. The faithful and honorable members of each of our churches started gathering at the service, continuing on to registration for the upcoming meetings.

Dinner and fellowship followed. During dinner an older gentleman recited two very touching Poems in Serbian.  Then business as usual. 
Towards the end of the first portion of the meetings, two short movies were shown – one about the recently proclaimed Saint of our diocese Saint Mardarije,  and the other, about an annual mountain climbing pilgrimage in Colorado, offered by one of our churches. The evening ended with great enthusiasm and gratitude.

The second day of meetings also started with divine liturgy led by our bishop, served by many priests and deacons surrounded by the fateful and representatives of our churches.

Following breakfast and fellowship, more reports to be heard as well as the now much anticipated oratorical Festival offered by our teens. Such an awesome feeling to witness the future of our church and our diocese - at the same time, a feeling of hope and thanks to God, parents, grandparents, godparents family and friends for raising such a good young people.

The meeting continued and ended with singing praises to the Most Holy Mother of God, around who's Monastery and Replica of the Miraculous Icon we have gathered.

At the end of the day one could say, the greatest thing and most amazing reality is, that once a year each of our parishes sends representatives together in one place to pray, and break bread and fellowship together. This truly is the most important part of these kind of gatherings - Glory to God for all things.

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