News and Events - April 2016

NEWS AND EVENTS - Monday, April 25, 2016



On April 17, 2016 His Grace Bishop Mitrofan of Eastern America visited St. Sava parish in Boston where he served the Divine Liturgy and in the afternoon the parish of Synaxis of Serbian Saints in Bideford (Portland), where he took partinVespers service.

Divine Liturgy in Boston Bishop served along with local parish priest,Protojerej Stavr. Aleksandar Vlajković and guests priests ProtojerajIvan Marjanovic and Protojerej Stavr. Rumen Peloski from Bulgarin parish.Vladika gave a thoughtful sermon , stressing in this Sunday dedicated to Mary of Egypt all the challenges and temptations of today, but also the depth of God's mercy for all those who sincerely repent and expect forgiveness from God. Nearly 100 parishioners have participated in the holy communion .

Upon completion of the Divine Liturgy the Bishop consecrated the church hall. To remind you, the parish hall was damaged in the flood that hit the parish in July 2014. Works on reconstruction lasted more than a year. In addition to repairs of flood damage, new heating and kitchen was installed.

We use this opportunity to thank once again all of you who helped the parish either by your donations or hard work.

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