News and Events - April 2017

NEWS AND EVENTS - Friday, April 21, 2017



On Great and Holy Friday the Royal Hours were served at Holy Transfiguration Monastery, along with Vespers and Lamentations which speak of the crucifixion, death and burial of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In the evening many people approached the Plastanica to venerate it. His Grace addressed the faithful, speaking of the Lord's sacrifice for our salvation.

On Great and Holy Saturday Divine Liturgy was served. With the blessing of Bishop Mitrophan, the liturgy was served by Protosindjel Vasilije (Gavrilovic) and Deacon Radovan Kodic, while the chanting was led by Bishop Mitrophan and the mixed choir from the Toronto church of St. Tikhon of Moscow (Russian Patriarchate).

The feast of the Lord's Resurrection was solemnly celebrated at Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Milton. The Resurrection Matins began at 4:00 am when all the monastery bells rang, announcing the beginning of the joy of the feast of the Resurrection. The Holy Hierarchical Divine Liturgy followed Matins, officiated by His Grace Bishop Mitrophan, Bishop of Canada, with the concelebration of Protosindjel Vasilije and Deacon Radovan Kodic. The church was filled with the faithful people who partook of the Holy Mysteries, uniting themselves with the Resurrected Christ.

After Liturgy, the Paschal Encyclical of His Holiness Patriarch Irinej was read and the nafora was distributed along with the Easter eggs. Upon receiving the blessing for their bishop the faithful went to the monastery trapeza for the Paschal breakfast.

At exactly noon, at the monastery Church, Vespers was served, which was attended by many of the faithful, especially children. The Gospel was read in many different languages. Bishop Mitrophan addressed the faithful after the service, wishing everyone a festive Feast of all feasts - the Resurrection of Christ.


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