News and Events - April 2016

NEWS AND EVENTS - Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Out of nine awesome essays, three were chosen to be presented to the diocesan assembly of the midwest Diocese:  Jakob Delic - won first place; Ivana Bozic - second ; Nina Kostic - third.

On the same day the youth board was chosen.  Following are the specific roles appointed by the diocesan youth director: Ivana Bozic - President; Daniella Radunovic - First V. P. ; Sara Vucic - Second V. P. ; Nina Kostic - Senior member; Jakob Delic -Secretary

We are truly grateful to the parents, church school teachers and priests of all the participants.  Participants from Old Holy Resurrection, Chicago: Sara Vucic, Jovana Stanojevic , Milica Videnovic. From St. Elijah, Merrillville Indiana: Jakob Delic . From St. Nikola, Chicago:
Danijela Radunovic. From St. Basil of Ostrog, Lake Forest Illinois: Gabriella Veljkovic, Ivana Bozic , Luka Pavlakis

We also take the opportunity to thank our wonderful Judges: Hieromonk Alexei, Dn. Joseph Appling , Arita Damroze

Please look forward to these essays ( biographies and pictures) to appear in the Path of Orthodoxy.

An amazing event for which we are grateful to our Great God, our awesome Bishop Longin and members of the Diocesan Youth Department.

Dragan Petrovic- priest,
Director of youth department for the New Gracanica Midwest Diocese

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