News and Events - April 2013

NEWS AND EVENTS - Wednesday, April 10, 2013



Merrillville, IN - On the third Sunday of Great Lent, the faithful people of Northwest Indiana, gathered around their Bishop Longin, solemnly celebrated the feast of the Annunciation and venerated the Holy Cross at the Cathedral Church of St. Elijah the Prophet. This beautiful spiritual event was enhanced by the homily delivered by V. Rev. Stavrophor Milos Vesin whose words were a true spiritual comfort and joy for all clergy and faithful. Prota spoke inspiringly about the Cross, the Christian responsibility and the salvation of man in Christ's Church. His inspired thoughts on the cross, the good news of salvation and the responsiblity of every man in Christ's Church were an inexhaustible source of joy for all in attendance.

The prayerful presence of Bishop Longin brought joy to all present clergy and faithful people of God. Bishop Longin, together with the clergy and faithful, made prostrations before the Honorable Cross. During the Vespers the church choir of the St. Elijah Cathedral sang majestically the hymn - We venerate Thy Cross, O Mastery, and we glorify Thy Resurrection.

Protonamesnik Dr. Aleksandar Novankovic, cathedral dean, thanked Bishop Longin, the clergy and faithful for attending the prayerful joy and asked that all increase their prayers for the suffering people in Kosovo and Metohija, that in their spiritual podvig and joy await the great Feast of the Resurrection of Christ.

This prayerful gathering was finished with a Lenten dinner prepared by the hardworking members of the local cathedral Serbian Kolo Sestara. This was truly a beautiful and spiritual event at the St. Elijah the Prophet Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Merrillville, Indiana.   

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