News and Events - March 2018

NEWS AND EVENTS - Thursday, March 15, 2018


Parish Priests and the Church Boards Presidents of the Chicago deanery met in Lansing, Illinois, March 13, 2018. The clergy of the Chicago Deanery at its annual gathering held January 16, 2018 in St. Sava Church facilities in Merrillville, Indiana made a recommendation to hold a meeting with the Presidents of the Church Boards. Upon approval of His Grace Bishop Longing invitation was sent to the Presidents. The interest for this gathering was overwhelming. The Church School Congregation of St. Archangel Michael in Lansing, through their pastor V. Rev. Dr Milos Vesin and the Church Board President Ken Paul offered their church facilities for the meeting.
Meeting was held last Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 6 P.M.
The agenda consisted of:
2. Greetings by His Grace bishop Longin
3. Address of V. Rev. Dr Milos Vesin
“The place and role of the pastors and laity in Church according the teaching of St. John Chrysostom”.
4. The meaning of this meeting, the reason for getting together
V. Rev. Nedeljko Lunich, Dean
5. The clergy health Insurance, pension and life insurance
6. How the laity perceive working together with the Diocesan authority for the benefit of the Diocese, and what to expect from the Diocese in return?
7. Restoration of the St. Sava Monastery multiple purpose building
8. Questions of the administrative uniformity in the Diocesan Church School Congregations and Parishes (Uniform Rules and Regulations)
9. Miscellaneous
Present were Church School Congregations: St. Nicholas, Indianapolis; St. Sava, Merrillville; St. Elijah, Merrillville; St. Sava Church, Joliet, IL; St. George, Schererville; St. Archangel Michael, Lansing; St. Simeon, South Chicago; St. George, Joliet; St. John the Baptist, Bellwood; Holy Resurrection, Chicago (priest only). Sts. Peter and Paul, South Bend excused itself due to inclement weather. St. George, East Chicago had a funeral obligation. There were 30 people present.
His grace Bishop Longin welcomed the clergy and the Presidents and thanked them for the efforts they make on behalf of our Holy Church. He also explained why these kind of gatherings are needed.
Fr. Milos delivered very informative and inspiring words based on the teaching of St. John Chrysostom, giving place in the church to both clergy and laity alike. Father’s presentation was well received.
Fr. Nedeljko reiterated the words of His Grace and said that only through a dialogue we could iron out the difference which may appear from time to time. Our wish is to have harmonious working situation between Church Baard and the parish priests.
Ken Paul spoke of the need to work on more affordable Health and Pension Insurance. He also touched the need for the clergy life insurance coverage.
On the question of the uniformity it was stressed the need for Uniform Rules and regulations in all Church School Congregations. The local by-laws or Addendum should be in conformity with the Uniform Rules and Regulations. On this matter it is still necessary to work till the task is accomplished.
Fr. Ilija spoke of the building project and the need to lunch an active campaign to raise the funds.
This was indeed a fruitful and very beneficial gathering.
Our hosts served the supper following the meeting.
We thank Fr. Milos and the Church Board for their hospitality.

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