News and Events - March 2014

NEWS AND EVENTS - Friday, March 7, 2014


San Diego, CA - This year's Stewardship theme is CARE - a focus on how we practice our Stewardship as we care for our Church, our families, our spiritual well-being and our fellow parishioners. David Batrich, the Central Church Committee Stewardship Chair, spoke with the faithful at St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in San Diego CA. David asked that everyone look at Lent as an opportunity to change and with Great Lent beginning, what small changes can we consider as we care for our lives. Suggestions included how we care for: Our Church Our families The elderly Our community The environment All (and many more of these) are all ways in which we practice Stewardship. Father Bratso added that Stewardship at St. George has been in place for several years and continues to grow, but appreciated a different perspective for everyone to consider.

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