News and Events - March 2015

NEWS AND EVENTS - Monday, March 2, 2015


Indianapolis, IN -  Most of the Orthodox churches in Central Indiana gathered for a service at St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church for Vespers - to celebrate the Sunday of Orthodoxy.

Despite the bad weather many came and were fed spiritually (prayers of clergy and singing of choir and cantors) as well as physically (delicious Pitch-in meal).

Fr. Jerome Sanders offered a great sermon. Everyone present was anointed with the oil brought back from Jerusalem by one of the priests. All received a gift prepared by our nuns – icon with the information on back of it of all the Orthodox churches in central Indiana. We felt blessed, as we do each year, to come together in prayer and fellowship. We will continue gathering in different Orthodox churches throughout Great Lent for Vespers (and teachings) on Sunday evenings - this years theme is: Why do we believe what we believe.

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