News and Events - February 2010
NEWS AND EVENTS - Friday, February 26, 2010


Schererville, Indiana – On February 21, the first Sunday of Great and Holy Lent, St. George the Great Martyr Serbian Orthodox Church in Schererville, Indiana, hosted this year’s celebration of the Triumph of Orthodoxy.  In the holy house filled with faithful of all autocephalous Orthodox churches of Northwestern Indiana and neighboring Illinois suburbs, a festive Vespers Service was celebrated by thirteen priests.  Very Reverend-Stavrophor Dr. Milos Vesin, parish priest of St. Archangel Michael of Lansing, Illinois, delivered a very meaningful and enlightening sermon.  At the conclusion of the holy service host priest Prota Dobrivoje Milunovic, expressed the words of thanksgiving.

The celebration continued in the church hall with the customary Orthodox and Serbian hospitality, delicious Lenten meal.  On behalf of the Association of the Orthodox Clergy of Northwestern Indiana, the clergy and faithful were greeted by Fr. Lev Holowaty, the president of the Association, who extended his gratitude to all who participated in the prayerful gathering.  Satisfied, but above all thankful to the Lord – the Giver of all good things, pious people returned to their homes, accompanied with the intensifying snowfall. 
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