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NEWS AND EVENTS - Wednesday, February 20, 2019

"Fast Questions and Fast Questions and Fast Answers about American Orthodox Christian Monasteries”
is the third essay in a group of mini-reports about Orthodox Church life in America.

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Not many people realize that there are eighty Orthodox Christian monasteries in the USA which represent great variety of ethnic and liturgical traditions. In fact, America is, probably, the only place in the world where - within the same country - one can visit Greek, Russian, Romanian, Serbian Orthodox monasteries and experience their different “ethnic” liturgical styles, worship practices, church architecture, musicology and iconography. Besides worship services, there are many other interesting aspects and facts related to the lives of American Orthodox monasteries. Here are some examples of the questions that are addressed in this report:

Are there any monasteries that are especially interesting to visit, because of their architecture or religious arts?
Are there any monasteries that offer some interesting educational programs or workshops?
Is there anything unique about “economies” of US Orthodox monasteries?
Are there any monasteries that have some interesting and unusual liturgical practices?
Are there any monasteries that offer opportunities to experience monastic life for a period of time first-hand?

The report is accompanied by four geographic maps and many photographs depicting every-day lives of US Orthodox monasteries. Read this story and if you have any follow-up questions, please feel free send your inquiries to Alexei Krindatch:

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