News and Events - February 2010
NEWS AND EVENTS - Saturday, February 20, 2010


Rockford, IL - On Sunday evening, February 14, 2010, His Grace Bishop Longin attended Forgiveness Vespers at Holy Ascension Serbian Orthodox Church in Rockford, Illinois.  Present at the service were Archimandrite Thomas (Kazich), Hierarchical Dean Archpriest-Stavrophor Djuro Krosnjar, Archpriest-Stavrophor Milorad Loncar, Archpriest Cedomir Kostic local Priest Branislav Koncarevic and Deacon Nikolaj Kostur.

Fr. Cedomir gave the sermon, in which he spoke of the importance of repentance and preparation for Pascha during the days of Great Lent.

After the service, the church's sisterhood offered a Cheesefare Dinner in the Church Hall.

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