News and Events - February 2011
NEWS AND EVENTS - Friday, February 11, 2011


Many ages have since gone by,
'(All this happened long ago)'
many ages have since flown
and   many more will yet flow.
But that boy lives even now,
deathless, as it is his story.
He was RASTKO,  son  Nemanja’s,
SAINT SAVA, clad in glory.

By Vojislav Ilic. Translated from Serbian and versified by Fr.  Mateja Matejic

Charlottesville, VA -As the poem of Serbian poet Vojislav Ilic says, many ages have gone by, but they could not have erased the remembrance of Saint Sava. On contrary, his spirit is deeply rooted in  the hearts of Serbian people. All over the world, Serbs celebrate their Saint, passing the love for him from generation to generation. The same was true in Charlotesville, where Serbs solemnly celebrated St. Sava's Day in the presence of  Father Dragan Zaric who held the Divine Lithurgy in the St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church.  Fr. Dragan specially thanked Serbs who came from Richmond to honor the celebration. Since St. Sava is a patron saint of Serb schools and schoolchildren, the highest emphaisis was put on the children's performances after the Liturgy. Ana Doder, Stefani Mitrovic, Dorotea Zaric, Nikita Letic, Jovan Zaric, Filip Vaskez, and Sara Doder recited songs about St Sava. Children were joined by the older members of the parish: Bozo Andric, Ilija Mitrovic, and Drago Jokic, who read about the life of St Sava and sang St Sava’s Hymn. After the ceremony, Olgica Petrovic and Mile Peles delighted children with gifts.

Parish Godparents, Nenad and Tanja Doder, prepared lunch for this occasion, and thanked others who generously contributed to the event. After the cutting of the Holy Bread, Zeljko and Sanja Matic (from Dalmatia) accepted a privilege to be the next year’s Godparents of this celebration.  

''I hope to see St Sava's celebration as a tradition in Charlottesville. I am  very honored to be the Parish godfather and a host for next year's gathering; I will do my best to organize everything for the next year, '  said Zeljko Matic.

Serbs form Charlottesville once again expressed ther gratitude to Fr. Dragan Zaric for his tremendous contribution to this small Serbian communiity; for strengthening their faith in Jesus Christ and bringing Serbian customs and tradition closer to their children. 
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