News and Events - February 2010
NEWS AND EVENTS - Friday, February 5, 2010


Schererville, IN - On Sunday, January 31, St. George the Great and Victorious Martyr Serbian Orthodox Church in Schererville, Indiana, celebrated its school slava – St. Sava, the First Archbishop and Enlightener of Serbia. In the House of God filled with faithful, Divine Liturgy was celebrated by Archimandrite Thomas Kazich, Director of Christian Education of the New Gracanica-Midwestern American Diocese, and the host priest, Prota Dobrivoje Milunovic.

Fr. Tom delivered a very meaningful and touching sermon, and then offered Holy Communion to a large number of school children. Prota Dobrivoje expressed his delight on seeing so many parishioners in the church, especially our youth, emphasizing that it is St. Sava himself who, by the Grace of the Holy Spirit, brings together and unites us all in such a great number. Also, he articulated that the value of our church in “millions” is not made of the property and its buildings, but of every child who, being created in the image of God, surpasses all the treasures and riches of this world. The raising of our children, therefore, in the spirit of Orthodoxy and Svetosavlje, is the most important responsibility of our parents and our Holy Church.

The celebration then proceeded to the Serbian Cultural Center for the blessing of the Festal Bread and Wheat, by our guest Fr. Tom. The Kumovi for this year’s slava were Sasha Cucuz and Nikola Tepsic. During the agape, our youthful Kumovi greeted the guests, wished a blessed slava to all and expressed their gratitude for the honor given them for this occasion. The guests were then greeted by Fr. Tom, Mr. Ray Vukas, president of our church-school congregation, Mr. Jason Vukas, president of the school board and Prota Dobrivoje.

The most beautiful and meaningful part of the celebration was by far the program performance of our children, which was masterfully prepared and organized by Protinica Jelena with the assistance of church-school teachers, dance instructors and many parents. In the glory and honor of our Holy Father Sava, radiant children recited poems, sang songs, played the piano, and danced kolos.

At the conclusion of the program, on behalf of our church-school, Prota Dobrivoje presented all the graduating high school students with an Orthodox Study Bible. On this occasion he reminded them of the words which the Lord spoke to Joshua, the son of Nun, “The book of this law shall not depart from your mouth, and you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may have the understanding to do all the things written therein. Then you will prosper, make your ways prosperous, and have understanding… Do not be cowardly and fearful, for the Lord your God is with you in all things, wherever you go.” (Joshua 1: 8 – 9)

So that we may live in harmony, O Holy St. Sava, help us!
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