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NEWS AND EVENTS - Thursday, January 19, 2017



Meeting of the clergy of the Chicago Deanery of the Diocese of New Gracanica and Midwest America
held at St. George Serbian Church in Schererville, IN January 17, 2017

Schererville, IN - With the blessing of His Grace Bishop Longin of New Gracanica and Midwest America a meeting of the clergy of the Chicago Deanery on Tuesday, January 17, 2017. Fifteen clergy took part in the meeting led by Bishop Longin. Those present were: V. Rev. Stavrophor Nedeljko Lunich, Dean of the Chicago Deanery,V. Rev. Stavrophor Bogdan Zjalic, retired priest from Chisholm,V. Rev. Stavrophor Dennis Pavicevich, from St. Nicholas Church in Brookfield, V. Rev. Stavrophor Savo Bosanac, from St. John the Baptist in Bellwood,V. Rev. Stavrophor Milos Vesin, from St. Archangel Michael in South Chicago-Lansing,V. Rev. Stavrophor Luka Lukic, from St. Simeon the Myrrhflowing in South Chicago,V. Rev. Stavrophor Ilija Balach, spiritual father at Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos Monasteyr in New Carlisle,V. Rev. Stavrophor Marko Matic, from St. Sava in Merrillville,V. Rev. Stavrophor Savo Cakardic, from St. Sava Church in Joliet,V. Rev. Dobrivoje Milunovic, the host priest from St. George in Schererville, V. Rev. Darko Spasojevic, dean of the Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Chicago, V. Rev. Aleksandar Novakovic, from St. Elijah Cathedral in Merrillville, Protonamesnik Aleksandar Savic, from St. George in Indiana Harbor, Fr. Nikolaj Kostur, from St. George in Joliet. Absent were V. Rev. Dragan Petrovic, from St. Nicholas in Indianapolis, Protonamesnik Radovan Jakovljevic, from Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Chicago, Fr. Vasilije Vranic, from Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Chicago, Fr. Vladimir Lange, from Sts. Petera and Paul in South Bend, Deacon Nenad Jakovljevic, from St. George in Joliet and visiting clergy Fr. Petar Isailovic from the Milwaukee Deanery.

Dean of the Chicago Deanery Fr. Nedeljko welcomed Bishop Longin and gave him a brief report on the situation in the parishes of the Chicago Deanery. It was concluded that the situation was satisfactory thanks to the efforts, commitment and zeal of the parish priests, as well as the participation of the faithful in the life of the church. From time to time certain problems arise but with some the clergy, with His Grace and the faithful people resolve all those issues through goodwill, in the spirit of the church's teachings and all for the good of our holy Church and to the salvation of the flock entrusted to us.

His Grace expressed his joy in seeing nearly all the clergy at the meeting. He spoke of the need for unity in our parishes. The bishop also spoke about his visit to  Republika Srpska where he received an award for the parish schools in Chicago and Milwaukee. Accompaning him was V. Rev. Darko Spasojevic, the dean of the Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Chicago.

Fr. Milos Vesin gave a lecture on the theme: "Challenges in the Clergy-Pastoral Service". He spoke of the problems of cremation and the human weaknesses of priests. He illustrated these two phenomena which occur more and more frequently. He read passages from Andre Kachov's book, "In the noise of an ordinary day" in which he speaks of the need of prayer for successful in the spiritual work of a priest and not to judge.

Following this a schedule was made for Lenten Vespers in the Chicago Deanery.

The Deanery Dean thanked the host priest, Prota Dobrivoje Milunovic for his warm welcome. The hard working Kolo Sestara served the clergy with a rich and hearty meal.

V. Rev. Stavrophor Nedeljko Lunich


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