News and Events - January 2017

NEWS AND EVENTS - Friday, January 17, 2017


During the course of the meeting, President Dodik presented Bishop Longin with Orden Njegosa – First Order which the Government of Republika Srpska has awarded to Saint Sava Academy at the Cathedral, as well as Saint Sava Orthodox School in Milwaukee, in recognition for their educational mission promoting Serbian language studies in Chicago and Milwaukee, and for fostering close relations between their respective communities and the Republic of Srpska.

Bishop Longin congratulated President Dodik and expressed his hope that the Republic of Srpska will continue to develop in peace and prosperity for the benefit of all its citizens. The Bishop also thanked President Dodik for the awards presented to Saint Sava Academy and Saint Sava Orthodox School noting that we are very proud of this recognition and accept it with honor and gratefulness. His Grace also invited Mr. President to visit our community in CHICAGO in the nearest future. Earlier in the week, on January 9th, Saint Sava Academy Board President Nenad Djordjevic attended the official celebration of the Day of the Republic in Banja Luka and expressed his appreciation to Republika Srpska officials for their support of the Academy’s work.

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