News and Events - January 2012
NEWS AND EVENTS - January 13, 2012


Milton, ON - His Grace Bishop Georgije of Canada officiated at the Liturgy of St. Basil the Great on Christmas Eve Day, Badnji Dan, in Transfiguration Monastery in Milton. During the service a large number of faithful partook of the holy sacrament of Holy Communion. At the end of the liturgy the bishop wished everyone a happy and joyous eve of the feast calling upon all of them to take part in the Christmas services.

On Badnje Vece in the monastery the bishop officiated the festal vigil service and the solemn blessing and burning of the badnjak. Afterward the bishop addressed the people with the following words:

"Celebrating Christmas we celebrate the birth of God in the human flesh and the renewal of earthly man and the heavenly angels in the His Icon. Christmas prepares us for the new, renewed man. This cannot occur without our knowledge of God and His love. Christ teaches us that there is no way, truth nor life without God. All worldly knowledge without God are only sufferings brought to our souls. All joy is in knowing Him who is the source of all knowledge and who sent us the uneducated to preach in tongues teaching people about God. St. Bishop Nikolai says, "
All the more worldly knowledge without that holy knowledge, all the more damage."

Today, when the world trembles
Today, when the world trembles of worldly movements and economic hardships, we should know that – the more worldly treasure there is without the main, heavenly treasure, it is only more damage. “Christ is the only One who gives us earthly and heavenly goods, and can prevent the learned from abusing their knowledge and the wealthy from abusing their wealth”

May our joy this year be in the knowledge and wealth which comes from God, from the Christ-child who brings us Peace, and not from worldly “peacekeepers” who frighten us daily. 

Peace from God - Christ is born!

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