News and Events - January 2011
NEWS AND EVENTS - Thursday, January 13, 2011


Charlottesville, VA - On a cold January morning, many Serbs from Charlottesville, a small historic place in Virginia with approximately forty Serbian families, have gathered to celebrate the second day of Christmas, the Synaxis of the Most Holy Theotokos. In the St. Nichola’s Ukranian Orthodox Church, the Divine Liturgy was led by Father Dragan Zaric who already serves as a Parish Priest in Charlotte and Greensboro; North Carolina. With blessings from Bishop Mitrofan, Father Dragan Zaric is trying to unify Serbs here in Charlottesville.

Fire sparks coming from the burning branches of the Holy Oak tree reminded our people of old Serbian customs and, far away hearths. This date will also be remembered for the first preparations made for the establishment of the new Serbian Orthodox Parish in Charlottesville, where the formation of the Serbian Council will shortly follow.

-This is an extremely important day for the Serbs of Charlottesville and the surrounding area. The happiest Christian holiday; Christmas, has gathered us not only to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ Savior but also to preserve the religion of our ancestors, customs, language and culture for the future generations, said Nenad Doder, one of the organizers of the gathering. Due to his enormous merits, Nenad had an honor to be the first Godfather of the Serbian Congregation during the celebration of St. Sava’s Day; on the February fifth. On that day, the Serbian children from Charlottesville will contribute to the celebration with a rich cultural program.

Soon after St. Sava’s Day, His Grace Bishop Mitrofan is expected to visit and bless the establishment of our Congregation in Charlottesville. At that time, our Serbian Orthodox Mission should get its Patron - its name.
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