News and Events - January 2017

NEWS AND EVENTS - Sunday, January 1, 2017


With the blessing of His Grace Bishop Longin, over 120 high school and college students gathered at our diocese to have the annual winter retreat.

Six priests and 28 helpers made sure things went as best as possible in order to fulfill this mission of the Church.

The sacraments of holy confession and communion where the focus of this gathering, as well as many different prayers and services, around many presentations and much discussion + counseling. 

Obviously the game room and fellowship were a hit too. 

The crown of this six day retreat however, was the presence of the Miraculous Myrrh streaming icon of the Mother of God of Hawaii. The icon was with us almost every day of the retreat and made a great impact confirming and enhancing the faith of each and every person present. We even had an atheist (baptized as a child) amongst the participants,  who three days into the retreat asked for a prayerbook and committed his life to God. Something as amazing was a fact that almost everyone present continuously talked about how they became a big family very quickly even though previously they didn't really know each other as well. 

We thank our dear Bishop, clergy, sisters and mothers as well as all of our donors and supporters, and we ask God to bless each and every person somehow involved in this awesome and much beneficial retreat. Everyone is so much looking forward to next year.

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