News and Events - January 2015

NEWS AND EVENTS - Thursday, January 1, 2015


Third Lake, IL – In the days between December 26th and 30th, an incredible event has come to pass. With the blessing of His Grace Bishop Longin, 110 students of high school and college (as helpers) age gathered at New Grańćanica Monastery for the fourth annual Winter Youth Retreat of the Midwestern American Diocese. This was the record attendance in the history of this diocese for any high-school youth event. The retreat was organized by the diocesan Youth Department, focusing on the theme of “Survivor,” how we as Orthodox Christians can survive and thrive in a non-Orthodox Christian world – how we can be in the world, but not of the world. The participants came together in fellowship by praying and attending church services each day, as well as learning to sing the Divine Liturgy. They listened to lectures and had discussions regarding many topics that are relevant to their everyday lives, such as “Friendships and Relationships,” “Overcoming Death,” and “Surviving College as an Orthodox Christian.” The participants were delighted to be welcomed with a game room that ensured lots of fun and plenty of opportunities to bond together as brothers and sisters in Christ. Along with all of the fun that the youth had, they were able to give back in a wonderful way. Each participant made a small donation that together raised 1,000 dollars to be given to an Orthodox family in need on Christmas. Along with that, an abundance of youth said that they would like to find a way to work for or contribute to the Orthodox Church in their adult lives. Glory to God, the retreat was a wonderful and blessed experience for all those that attended, filled with joyous memories and lifelong friendships. We cannot wait until next year!

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