News and Events - October 2009
NEWS AND EVENTS - Monday, October 19, 2009



Diocese of Canada - On the feastday of St. Stefan Stiljanovic, October 17, 2009, the Holy Hierarchical Divine Liturgy began the celebration commemorating a quarter of a century  since the founding of the Diocese of Canada and the enthronement of the Bishop Canada, the current diocesan bishop His Grace Georgije. The Holy Hierarchical Liturgy was served by: His Grace Bishop Georgije of Canada, His Grace Bishop Dositej of Brittain-Scandanavia and His Grace Bishop Lukijan of Budim. Twenty diocesan priests assisted the hierarchs.

Bishop Georgije elevated Protonamesnik Zlatibor Djurasevic, of Oakville, to the rank of Protojerej, Fr. Miroslav Ratkovic from Windsor and Fr. Goran Gojkovic from Waterloo were elevated to Protonamesnik, while the right to wear the red sash was awarded to Fr. Milan Jovanovic from Kitchener.  

The bishop, with heartfelt words, addressed the many faithful in attendance who came from all corners of Canada and America to attend this spiritual jubilee.

Following the Divine Liturgy the monastery handicap ramp, for both the handicapped and the elderly, was officially opened after which the newly constructed Diocesan library was blessed. The kum for this beautiful and monumental building was brother Jovo Vujasinovic from Mississauga.
The agape meal, which was held in the monastery pavilion, followed. During the program His Grace Bishop Georgije, in his speech, reminisced on his service in this diocese, remembering the very difficult conditions that he found the diocese in twenty-five years ago and he spoke of the current state of the diocese with many priests, parishes and newly built churches.

This anniversary celebration is yet more proof of the canonical-administrative-spiritual unity of the Serbian people and church in Canada. Many faithful came from all sides, from the former Metropolitanate of New Gracanica and the Canadian Diocese, now both realistically and visibly unified under the omophor of Bishop Georgije. Excitement shone in the faces of all in attendance. This is more proof of the Lord's words that all will be one flock under one pastor here, far from the homeland, under the spiritual direction of their bishop. God grant you many years Vladiko!      

Protonamesnik Fr. Goran Gojkovic
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