News and Events - August 2018

NEWS AND EVENTS - Tuesday, August 21, 2018


SCHERERVILLE, IN – As the St. George Serbian Orthodox Church community came together to celebrate the Feast Day of Transfiguration, it was an especially joyous time as many of our youngsters chanted the antiphons during the Holy Liturgy, several parishioners partook of Holy Communion and everyone witnessed the blessing of the grapes. It also gave the faithful an opportunity to reflect on the immediate past and plan for the future.

• Over 80 children participated in the exceptionally successfully summer camp at St. George
• Several volunteers worked together with other parishes during the Celebration of St. Mardarije in Libertyville in July
• Repair work began with the arrival of iconographer Miloje Milinkovic who continues to restore the frescoes to their original beauty during his stay with us
• The Church Board completed the new roof on the small hall, parking area improvements and the installation of energy-efficient lighting outdoors at the Halls of St. George
• The Sisters of the Kolo Srpskih Sestara came together to raise funds through a well-organized and successful rummage sale
• Our new website was launched at and our weekly newsletters continue to keep everyone informed.

These activities and more made for a very busy summer in Schererville. As the weather begins to cool and the daylight hours shorten, we have many more things in the works. On September 8, 2018 we will join together with friends, fans and supporters at the Sports Fest that will include bocce ball, golf, soccer and a picnic dinner. Sunday, September 9 will kick off the Church School year. And, our Youth Group Ministry is in the development stages at which meetings and activities are planned.

We welcome everyone to join us at any or all of our planned events and on Sundays and Feast Days during the coming year.

Sandi Radoja

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