News and Events - April 2015

NEWS AND EVENTS - Friday, April 3, 2015


New Gracanica, IL - The New Gracanica Midwest Diocese had its annual assembly with the participation of youth delegates. At the same assembly oratorical Festival took place.

The prayers, the fellowship, the meals and meetings went very well as usual. It is truly great when brothers live and dwell in unity.

For the second time now, each parish was asked to send a youth delegate. The attendance of youth this year doubled. While the General assembly took place so did the assembly of the youth – at which time a new board was elected: Kristina Petrović - President, Andrei Hubbard - VP, and Danijela Jevdosić - Secretary/Treasurer. During and after the meeting, youth were engaged in learning, fellowship and discussion.

This year (better than ever), thanks be to God and thanks be to our supportive parishes, we had four participants at the oratorical Festival. The first place was taken by Kristina Petrović of Indianapolis Indiana. Being it that all the participants did a great job, the assembly voted to send all four to the youth conference of the Serbian Orthodox Church, being held this year in Washington DC. Glory to God for all things.

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