News and Events - February 2011
NEWS AND EVENTS - Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Kernersville, NC - Our Sveti Sava celebration day began as it should with the Divine Liturgy giving thanks to God for all things we have. “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt. 19:14) – this might not be one of the first passages from the New Testament one would think of in relation to St Sava Day, but on this day one couldn’t help but notice that indeed our children were the highlight of this celebration. “ were the instructor and the teacher of the way that leads to life; for having come, you first enlightened your fatherland, Then giving it birth by the Holy Spirit, you planted your wholly sanctified children as olive trees in spiritual paradise.” (Tropar of St Sava).

Thanks to God and our wonderful Saint Sava these words are still being fulfilled 775 years after the repose of St Sava in a country far from where our First Archbishop of Serbia dwelt. Thanks especially to all of our faithful parents who have heeded these words and continue to nourish our children in this beautiful program and by their commitment to keep them close to their Orthodox faith and Church. They now serve as the teachers and instructors that will lead to life. Planting their children like the olive trees in spiritual paradise. It was truly moving as we watched our children of all ages reciting their declamation, each taking their parts very seriously and showing what they have learned of our St Sava. Just as St Sava enlightened our people and passed on our faith, we have been called to do the same, and it was evidenced today by the work of our parents and teachers.  And our program was only one part of our spiritual enrichment,  we were also blessed to have some of our children participate in singing Psalm 135 during the Divine Liturgy, sounding just like the Angles, and mostly importantly our Holy Communion line was filled with our young!

We thank Slava Kumovi, Ristanovic family for preparing all of the food and deserts, Jovanka Milikic, Gordana Elezovic, and Predrag Damjanovic  for their hard work in bringing our program together, and Milan and Mladenka Krajisnik for donating the gifts for the children. We especially thank our children, Bailey Viktorija, Mara Miric, Jovana Maksimovic, Boskovic Jelena, Davidovic Ana, Davidovic Ivana, Elezovic Olga, Elezovic Ana, Everhart Nikolas ,Kajtazovic Maja ,Lakic Nemanja, Lakic Tina, Milisav Jelena, Milisav Nikola, Miskovic Mladen, Miskovic Simo, Natalija Milikic, Novak Andjela, Novak Sonja, Novak Stefan, Petrovic Dana, Ana Bunjevac, Rasuo Dejan, Rasuo Teodora, Ristanovic Maja, Ristanovic Stefan, Sovilj Dajana, Stankovic Nikolas, Stankovic Stefan, Subasic Stefan, Vidacak Jovana, and Vidacak Mladen. What a tribute to a parish of our size. We also thank our spiritual leader, Proto Dragan Zaric, for his love and gentleness and unwavering spiritual guidance as our pastor and teacher. We left this day once again showing that the desperate sinful act of Sinan Pasha burning the Holy Relics of our St Sava on Vracar hill in 1595 could not stop this Saint from still reaching his children.

May Sveti Sava, intercede before Christ our God to save our souls! Amin!

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